All Long Length Tongue and Groove Paneling!


Easy-Pine uses environmentally friendly coatings.Factory Finished Paneling Saves Time and Money

Easy-PineŽ begins with hand selected pine chosen for its beautiful grain, subtle knots and warmth. Because we begin with a better grade of pine you will have less waste during installation and will enjoy the beauty of your wall or ceiling more. Our tongue and groove pine also comes from environmentally friendly mills.


I have been installing knotty pine paneling for years and I can’t believe the quality of this wood. Every piece of tongue and groove is beautiful and, more importantly, usable. My customers love it and I don’t have the waste!

David, Builder, Charlotte, North Carolina


Easy-PineŽ tongue and groove paneling has a furniture quality finish. Each messy, costly, and time consuming step taken to finish tongue and groove pine on site is done in our state of the art facility. With pre-finished paneling, the job is done the moment you complete installation. No mess, no odors, and no painter to add to the cost of your project.




Messy & Expensive Painting Paneling


Why have this mess?


Skip the mess…Enjoy the beauty!


Easy PineŽ Costs Less!

Why? Because we finish the tongue and groove panels so you don't have to! Installing prefinished Easy-PineŽ on your wall or ceiling can save you much frustration and weeks of your precious time. Easy-PineŽ eliminates the need for a professional painter that would add significantly to the total project cost.

Easy-Pine uses superior technology for a vastly superior finish. Easy-Pine is micro-fine sanded multiple times and finished with 21st century technology. This technology creates a finish that is more consistent from piece to piece, more beautiful, and more durable than hand finishing. Easy-Pine uses environmentally friendly coatings that produce no Hazardous Air Pollutants. UV light and heat cure our proprietary finish to ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment. Because it is prefinished, unsightly shrink lines that can appear with raw tongue and groove panels are eliminated.  All this allows us to provide a 5/15 year finish warranty. Typically interior finishes come with no warranty. Why leave your finish to chance. You can have prefinished pine paneling installed for less money and hassle, enjoyed sooner, with an unprecedented 5/15 warranty.

Environmentally friendly, time saving, less mess, costs less…what more could you ask for?


I will never install raw wood paneling again. It used to take weeks to finish my knotty pine paneling and made the job site a mess. Now my clients walk in as it is being installed and say “wow!” Thanks, Easy-Pine.

Phillip, Builder, Ottawa, Ontario


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